An Inner Approach to Cranial Osteopathy (Original PDF from Publisher)

  • Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers; August 21, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781913426378
  • ISBN: 9781913426385

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Author: Timothy Marris


This book is intended for practicing Cranial Osteopathic physicians. It investigates Cranial Osteopathy from a more fundamental ‘inner’ perspective in order to assist the practitioner in understanding Cranial Osteopathy from a deeper and broader perspective. The book begins by taking the reader on a ‘inside’ trip to learn more about themselves as practitioners, exploring the ‘osteopathic toolkit’ and the importance of being ‘inner centred’ when diagnosing and treating. It then examines components of diagnosis, such as tissue and fluid conditions, and provides the reader with numerous ‘inner’ considerations to use when examining a patient. The book then examines the entire body, assessing and treating each area with a ‘inner’ approach. Each chapter provides a review of the relevant anatomy as well as discussion of the osteopathic significance and innovative techniques of working. Case studies/clinical experiences are presented, and ‘hands on’ activities are provided for the reader to practice via audio recordings. These activities, which should be completed “at the treatment table,” will prepare the reader to employ the approaches discussed with their patients. The audio takes the listener on a ‘guided tour’ of the anatomy, explaining the exercise while they use their hands to feel what the author is describing.This book will help Cranial Osteopathic practitioners increase their abilities, knowledge, and understanding.

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