Advances in Maternal-Fetal Biomedicine (Original PDF from Publisher)

  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing; August 19, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9783031325533
  • ISBN: 9783031325540

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Author: Marcelo Gonzalez-Ortiz

The goal of Marcelo Gonzalez-Ortiz’s book is to describe the physical and psychological mechanisms that support human maternal-fetal interactions. The book emphasizes the structure and development of the fetal unit, endocrina and nutritional regulation of fetal development, nitric oxide signaling, the function of solution transporters, and the regulation of unique canais in healthy gestations and diseases such as pre-eclâmpsia, gestational diabetes, and maternal obesity, among others. In addition, we highlight new mechanisms associated with language impairment in children, the use of serotonin or cannabis inhibitors during pregnancy, and the potential impact of maternal conditions on cerebrovascular development in newborns and babies. The understanding of cellular and molecular biology in obstetrics and fetal medicine will help readers understand the impact of common diseases and conditions in pregnant women.

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