Advances in Cancer Research (Volume 160) (Original PDF from Publisher)

  • Publisher: Elsevier Science; September 12, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780443192807
  • ISBN: 9780443192814

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Author: Paul B. Fisher

Advances in Cancer Research, Volume 160, the most recent volume in this well-regarded continuous series, contains vital information on the dynamic and fast-moving subject of cancer research, with this updated edition addressing PFKP: Besides Phosphofructokinase, Setting sail: navigating SHP2 activity and its implications for cancer, Mechanical elements that contribute to cancer progression, Lnc-ing epigenetic pathways with autophagy and cancer treatment resistance, Microsomal Glutathione Transferase 1 in Cancer and the Regulation of Ferroptosis Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer in the Age of Molecular Medicine, Applications of Tissue-Specific and Cancer-Selective Gene Promoters for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy, and other topics.

Provides up-to-date cancer research information.

Provides great and unique reviews on a variety of cancer research issues.

It is a must-have resource for both researchers and students.

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