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After your book purchase is successful. We will immediately send the book to your email so that you can easily download and read it.

Why are books sent by email?

Each book has a very large volume, we have to send these files to your email in order to be able to provide online book sales services at a high speed. But sending books to your e-mail makes you always have access to those books in your e-mail.

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We have tried to provide you with the easiest international payment method. Be sure that all international payment methods will be added to the site in the future.


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We try to put new and updated books for your use every day. If you need a book that is not available in our online store, send us the name of the book through the support email so that we can add it to the site and store as soon as possible. If you have a problem in the process of downloading the book, you can easily contact the support email. We have placed the support email at the top of the site for you dear ones.